Our goal
is a possibility to turn the territory into a real masterpiece, a unique corner of recreation and interaction with nature. Professional approach and special elements provide the opportunity to make your garden cozy, beautiful and, most importantly, original, distinctive and practical.
Signature landscape design
Lanscape Bureau Andrii Niaiko
will help you to equip the territory and create a space comfortable for your life. We have been engaged in creating exclusive landscape design for a long time. Our expertise and professional level make it possible to create landscapes varying from little gardens to extensive territories of public parks.
What do we offer to our clients?
Andrii Niaiko is directly engaged in creating perfect landscape design of a garden. He deals with design creation and development of 3D models of the area. Particular attention is paid to:
A team of experts
are engaged in bedding out the plants following the project and taking care over the garden in the future.
design various systems, for instance automatic watering and garden lighting systems;
Creation of ideal landscape garden design
peculiarities of environment;
soil properties;
and numerous other important factors on each lot. These factors affect the plants to be designed and bedded out.
architects and engineers
Complex approach
within the framework of creating landscape design of private gardens or commercial premises.
you don't have to search for individual workers for each type of works by yourself. We will select the best contractors for you and monitor performance of the tasks assigned.
We provide a comprehensive range of services throughout Ukraine
When ordering a service at our Company,
the best landscape design company "Lanscape Bureau Andrii Niaiko" will help you with that.
If you want to get a garden you have always dreamed about,
Our office is located in Lviv but we create perfect gardens throughout Ukraine and abroad.
territory planning, terrain change, paving of garden alleys, planting, decorating, watering systems and lighting installation.
we analyze the current situation, design models, sketches and all necessary drawings for creating a garden.
in the future, we carry out regular maintenance of the work performed for the gardens to develop properly and gain the appearance according to our plan.
Our advantages
We constantly improve our service and develop our professionalism. Our clients choose us (design developing and landscape design) for we
We make use of the best solutions for creating landscape design of grounds.
The cost of every service is agreed with the client. They should know certainly what they pay for. It is a must that the price for landscape design services cannot exceed the agreed sum.
Our Company has been operating since 2008.
Provide a guarantee for certain work types
(according to the terms of agreement)
We give up common solutions and exteriors. Landscape design projects accurately correspond to the client's requests. At the same time, the signature style of projects is unique; it combines professional vision and customized approach.
We always adhere to the agreed budgets.
We adhere to genrally accepted construction and agronomical standards.
We hire only highly qualified specialists
whose competence is being constantly developed. They attend occupational training events and improve their professional level.
We undertake the development of landscape design of a country house and other territories: from design planning to maintenance of the landscaped area. In this way, by using our services you get not only a nice infrastructure but also a great deal of joy and your own space near the house!
We are engaged in maintenance after completing the works.
Design your garden?